Friday, July 10, 2015

Update on the College of Business

Hey y'all!  I had another opportunity to go visit the College of Business this week.  We took some of the people in charge of the College of Nursing project to see some of our furniture that was installed at Scianna Hall.  The building is now about 95% complete, and it looks amazing!!!  They went with a lime green/orange color scheme which looks really fun and exciting.  Below are a few pictures of furniture pieces that Mainspace Office Solutions installed in the building.
This is one of the faculty offices located in the Dean's Suite.  The P-top makes it easy for collaboration between the faculty member and guests or colleagues.
In one of the student lounge areas, we installed these really cool Feek lounge seating and tables.  They are super comfy and made of a heavy-duty vinyl wrapped around foam.  They reminded me of something you would find around a swimming pool!  I feel like these will be a crowd favorite for sure.

As you already know, the market out there is competitive.  Therefore, each company in the area was given a portion of the project.  These are a few of the cool things other companies added to the building!

Oh, and check out these vibrantly colored group meeting rooms for students to use!
These are only a few of the really amazing things that were added to the College of Business.  I highly recommend a tour once you get back to Hattiesburg!

Have a great weekend!

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