Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fabrics, Finishes, and Glue... Oh My!

As I am sure is true for most of us, this is my last week as an intern.  I have enjoyed my time here so much that I am being hired on as a part time employee for the next year!  I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me.  It seems everyday I am reminded of why I am majoring in interior design.  My time as intern has allowed me to grow in both knowledge and confidence.  I am now more comfortable sharing my opinions on projects, and Jason has trusted me with so many tasks that I knew I was capable of but most would not allow an intern to do. 

Last week, I specified every piece and part of the office furniture for the College of Nursing.  Thankfully, I pay close attention to detail or that task would've been a nightmare!!!  We went through the plan and each line item to make sure everything was correct before it comes time to place the order. 

Yesterday, I sat down with the project coordinators at the College of Nursing and helped them select fabrics for the tackboards and chairs.  They picked out two fabrics that they loved and I helped coordinate the rest of the fabrics for the spaces.  They told me that some of the fabrics I picked they would have never given a second look, but once I paired them with other pieces, they looked like a million bucks!  I think my smile stayed on my face all afternoon.  I loved the trust they put in me on such a major part of the project.  I am now creating a finishes board for the faculty to see what we have chosen for their new building.  I hope they love it all as much as the others have so far!!


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