Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday, Monday

Hey there!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I know I did; it was just way too short.  However, I just found out that we are closing on Friday for the Fourth of July so that's exciting!

I have been busy filling in all of the faculty offices with furniture today.  I finished about 40 offices, so tomorrow I should be ready to finish this up and get a good price estimate for the customer.  We are still waiting to hear back from the faculty on which layout they like the best, but that shouldn't cause too much extra work once we get the results since offices haven't been assigned yet.  I am still so excited to be working on this project.  I feel like a real designer now!  Jason and I are supposed to visit a client at Stennis one day this week to go over plants for indoor planters. 

I am also working on a project in the Bobby Chain.  I'm super excited about this project, as well, because it is a remodel of the awful classroom on the first floor.  (Those of you who took Architecture History last year know the room I'm talking about.)  I think we all wanted to get our hands on that room a few times while we were in that class.  What we are doing to the room is going to be a huge improvement, and it is scheduled to begin at the beginning of the semester.  I vote that we all take a field trip to see it when it is finished!

Have a great week and check back closer to the weekend for a new update!

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