Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mainspace Teamwork

I apologize for such a late post this week.  Things have been crazy (in a good way) around here for me. 

Here at Mainspace Office Solutions we are all about teamwork.  Since there is only one salesperson (Jason), one financial/marketing officer (Lauren), and one designer (me), we constantly rely on one another on a daily basis. 

Most of our work is between the designer/dealer and client.  However, it is sometimes necessary to call on other contributors to the project.  As a matter of fact, I had to contact the architect for a project that we are working on to make sure the furniture we selected would fit under the window.  I believe that in order for a project to run smoothly, it is vital that everyone stays in contact with each other to avoid unpleasant surprises along the way. 

Although we rarely work with general contractors, Jason is considered the furniture contractor.  His subcontractors are the furniture installers, and they are in constant contact with the company.  They are a direct reflection of the company, so it is very important that we work very closely with them to make sure they understand how the products should be installed and if there are any special instructions from project to project. 

Since I began working with Mainspace Office Solutions, I have worked with other disciplines on nearly a daily basis.  Whether it is calling on the architect like I mentioned before or contacting our sales rep with questions about products, it is a necessity to maintain a close relationship with everyone in the industry to succeed. 

Thanks for checking in!

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